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The trouble with women in power ; leaders who danred to change the world

Anglais The trouble with women in power ; leaders who danred to change the world

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« Riveting tales of indomitable courage portray more than sixty remarkable women who incarnate exceptional determination and strength of character in the face of adversity and systemic sexism.

Military leaders, revolutionary lawmakers, political and social activists, dictators of kingdoms, or emblematic representatives of an entire people, these strong-willed women have wielded power in various domains, each in her own way. Influential decision-makers from across the ages and from all four corners of the globe-from the Queen of Sheba to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Joan of Arc to Angela Merkel, Harriet Tubman to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Empress Dowager Cixi to Benazir Bhutto-are illustrated in photographs or artworks depicting legendary scenes. Tracing the peaks and valleys of their lives and achievements, each portrait offers fascinating insight and galvanizing inspiration. »

Rayons : Sciences humaines & sociales > Histoire > Histoire généralités > Biographies / Monographies

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