New York interiors

New York interiors


A favorite haunt of designers, artists, artisans, decorators, and architects from around the globe-as well as all those who delight in creatively embellishing their home- New York never ceases to enchant us with its wealth of exceptional interior spaces. The harmonious coexistence of traditional and avant-garde, chic and bohemian, imposing and intimate-both in and out of doors-defines the city's unique style. A luxury apartment with magnificent paneling hung with old master paintings; a glassedin eagles' nest perched atop an art deco skyscraper; or a delightful brownstone with a private garden worthy of a picturesque country village-this multifarious city captivates and seduces its visitors. Offering exclusive access into seventeen homes of prominent NewYorkers, this book showcases the often colorful and audacious, but always fashionable and sophisticated interiors of New York's best style-setters. This lavishly illustrated volume presents an array of New York residences that perfectly reflect the diversity and eclecticism of the city's inhabitants and provide endless inspiration for contemporary interiors.

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