The louvre

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Anglais The louvre (édition en anglais)

The album, superbly illustrated with approximately 200 color photographs of works of art, takes the reader on a grand promenade exploring the largest museum in the world - the Louvre. The author, Isabelle Rakotovao, is a graduate from the Ecole du Louvre and currently works as an art journalist. Her text (translated by Shan Benson) presents key works of art in the Louvre and is intended for readers from all walks of life, providing information to help understand major works in the different collections of paintings (from France, Spain, Northern Europe and Italy), sculpture and antiquities (Roman, Greek, Etruscan, Oriental and Egyptian). Each work is accompanied by a clear, concise explanation, together with a focus on chosen details or references to a similar subject interpreted by the same artist or by another artist, providing keys to a better understanding of the development of art. The final section describes the turbulent history of the Louvre Palace itself and includes useful information with maps, opening hours ans quick itineraries.

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