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Scientific and Technical Revolution: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


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This book presents a system view of the digital scientific and technological revolution, including its genesis and prerequisites, current trends, as well as current and potential issues and future prospects. It gathers selected research papers presented at the 12th International Scientific and Practical Conference, organized by the Institute of Scientific Communications. The conference "Artificial Intelligence: Anthropogenic Nature vs. Social Origin" took place on December 5-7, 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

The book is intended for academic researchers and independent experts studying the social and human aspects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the associated transition to the digital economy and Industry 4.0, as well as the creators of the legal framework for this process and its participants - entrepreneurs, managers, employees and consumers. It covers a variety of topics, including "intelligent" technologies and artificial intelligence, the digital economy, the social environment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its consequences for humans, the regulatory framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the "green" consequences, prospects and financing of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

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